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The Valknut Distortion.  High gain distortion pedal with a powerful 2-band active Baxandall EQ to dial in the perfect heavy tone.  Hammond 1590B enclosure. $175.

The Samurai Distortion.  Highly flexible distortion pedal that offers 3 different clipping options and wide ranging tone controls to give the ultimate distortion pedal.  Hammond 1590B enclosure. $175.

The Witcher distortion pedal is based on the infamous Steel Panther Pussy Melter distortion pedal. It is a high gain distortion with a simple control layout: Gain, Volume, Low, and High pots with a "more" switch to add in a LED clipping stage to give even more gain. 1590B enclosures. $200.

Klone of the original buffered overdrive pedal that was blessed with unicorn dust (based off the silver edition).  Uses NOS spec germanium diodes to get that unicorn vibe. Probably *THE* best clean boost that I've ever used. 1590N/125B enclosures. $200.

Recreation of the famous T.C. Electronic Integrated Preamplifier.  This pedal features a 33V charge pump running off a standard 9V power supply to give incredible amounts of headroom. Great for getting that sparkle from your guitar or boosting an already dirty amp into sonic bliss! Hammond 1590BB enclosure. $200.

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