About Master Effects

You'll notice throughout this web site that I say "we" quite a bit.  The "we" refers to you and me.  I work with you to design and build the exact pedal that you're looking for.  On my end, Master Effects is a one man operation in the basement of my home that I do when I am not at my day job (designing and creating pressure imaging sensors for automotive and medical applications).


I don't run Master Effects with the intent of turning it into my full-time job.  I run Master Effects because I genuinely enjoy building pedals and meeting and working with musicians from all genres and styles of music.


Master Effects started as a hobby tinkering with my guitars and building and modding my own pedals and has evolved to what it is today.  My ultimate goal is to build custom, high quality pedals that will stand the test of time.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

Thank you!


Tim G.

Grand Poobah

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